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Lois and Clark



Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman for almost 70 years they have been co-workers, rivals, friends, lovers and now husband and wife - their relationship and love are eternal. 

Superman Takes A Wife
The Golden Age Superman marries Lois Lane

Event of the Century
The wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Lois and Clark
Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lois and Clark: 
The New Adventures of Superman
After the incredible public response to the Death of Superman in late 1992, Superman came back to the small screen in a new ABC series that had a unique twist - the show featured the working and personal relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent.  The show featured Martha and Jonathan Kent, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Catherine Grant (during  the first season).  Classic villians were updated such as Lex Luthor, Intergang, Prankster, and even Toyman.  The heart and soul of the show was the ongoing relationship between Lois and Clark and super human feats and action took a back seat. 

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman