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Superman Archive Edition #4

The golden age adventures of Superman have never looked better than in the magnificent Archive Editions DC has published over the past few years.  The fourth edition is my personal favorite and is well worth the price of almost $50.00.


Superman #132

One of my favorite Superman stories ever.  My wife actually bought this issue for my birthday a few years ago - it was worn, torn, page edges missing, spine bent, tape on the spine, writing on the back cover and the paper had yellowed over the years - a well read comic just the way comics should be!  The story was a standard silver age imaginery story where Krypton did not blow up and Kal-El evenually became Superman, hero of Krypton.


Action Comics #500
The 500th issue of Action Comics - The Life Story of Superman!  Lex Luthor plans to replace Superman with a clone under his control.  The art work by Curt Swan was simply amazing.


DC Comics Presents #29
Supergirl is missing and to find her Superman goes face to face with the Spectre.  Cosmic Superman action by Jim Starlin.


DC Comics Presents #61
A killer robot from the future on a mission to kill a person in the past with Superman and Omac caught in the middle.  George Perez's art is nothing less than spectuclar.


The Man Of Steel
The 1986 Superman reboot by John Bryne in The Man of Steel mini-series was an attempt to update Superman for the 80's.  Every Superman fan has a different opinion of this mini-series but personally I enjoyed it then and now.


The Death Of Superman
Superman dies battling the monster known only as Doomsday and the entire world is watching - television, newspapers, magazines and radio stations coverage made this one of the biggest stories in the history of comics.  Millions of fans were stunned and shocked but DC did kill off its flagship character (for a few months anyway).


Superman For All Seasons

One of the finest Superman stories ever told was the 4 issue Prestige Format mini-series Superman For All Seasons.  Jeph Loeb's story was a year one story of Superman first coming to Metropolis and learning that even his powers sometimes are not enough to help everyone. 



Smallville is a wonderful retelling of the classic Superman/Clark Kent origin.  The show is centered around teenage Clark Kent finding his way in the world and discovering his true Kryptonian heritage and super human ablilities. 


Superman Rebirth

Superman Rebirth is the origin of Superman for the 21st century.  


Superman The Movie
The movie that lived up to its promise and made you believe a man could fly.


Superman Returns
The Airplane Landing in the baseball stadium was incredible but overall the movie was a bit underwhelming but it was good to see the Man of Steel on the big screen again.